St. George Island Florida Real Estate

A 22-mile stretch of Florida Barrier Island Beach Paradise

St. George Island is a 22 mile barrier island, just southeast of Apalachicola. Offering beautiful gulf beaches, unspoiled shoreline of Apalachicola Bay, and abundant wildlife - there is something special here for everyone!

One of the brightest displays of light flows free from the newly erected 79 foot St. George Island Lighthouse - formerly, Cape St. George Lighthouse. The Lighthouse was originally built in 1852 at the southern tip of "Little St. George Island" and underwent restoration after its collapse in 2005 from beach erosion and hurricane damage. Thanks to the efforts of The St. George Lighthouse Association and their support from many volunteers as well as the State and Federal Government, the lighthouse is back up standing tall and shining bright! Of the materials salvaged and used in the reconstruction were 22,000 original bricks and many of the granite lintels which were around the doors and windows of the original structure. The fully restored lighthouse now stand proudly in the center of St. George Island for visitors and locals alike to enjoy. There are 92 steps leading the way up to unbelievable views and a look back in time on "Lighting the Way to Shore & Home"! It has recently been named one of the best historical landmarks in Florida!

Wondering what makes visitors return to the island time after time? It's not only the gorgeous landscaping of the waterways as they wander through the sunrise and sunsets.... it's really all about coastal charm, true southern hospitality, and unbelievable natural amenities. Another main attraction is St. George Island State Park which was voted one of the best florida beaches, with its 9 miles of undeveloped & pristine beaches! Dog lovers take note: St. George Island, also one of the best beaches for "Fido", along with the beaches of nearby Cape San Blas and Indian Pass - they fit the bill as well!! So bring your "4 Legged Best Friends" and enjoy relaxation, stick chasing, sunbathing, surf fishing, and bird watching all within earshot range of those crashing waves!